Raqs al Dunya Student Troupe

Thursdays 8:30-9:30 pm with Emily — Accepting new members on January 10th!

Interested in being a part of Raqs al Dunya, WIM’s Fusion Belly Dance Student Troupe?

Raqs al Dunya is a relaxed performance troupe that provides Emily’s Tribaret Belly Dance students with a chance to perform choreographies they’ve learned in class and show off their hard work!

How do I become a member of Raqs al Dunya?

Any student who is currently enrolled in Tribaret Belly Dance and has taken at least one session of Tribaret in the past 6 months is eligible to join Raqs al Dunya. Raqs al Dunya’s rehearsals are not a full-fledged class but rather a time for dedicated Tribaret students to practice and refine choreographies they’ve learned in past sessions. If you’re interested in joining Raqs al Dunya, please email Emily for more information.

How much does a session of Raqs al Dunya cost?

Students in Raqs al Dunya will need to both registered for the entire session of Tribaret Belly Dance as well as pay $5 x the number of weeks in that session of Tribaret ($30 for a typical 6-week session). Emily offers Raqs al Dunya rehearsals at that very low rate as a courtesy to her continuing students. No drop ins are allowed, any student participating in RAD must pay the entire session’s fee.

What are the costuming requirements for Raqs al Dunya?

Students who join and perform with RAD will need to purchase two costumes:

  • Silver bra and belt set (any style, no additional colors).

  • Black Assuit Wrap Top and Flare Pants from Sharifwear. (Emily recommends waiting until one of the store’s frequent sales to purchase these items)