Intermediate ATS®/Tribal Belly Dance

Mondays 8:20-9:35pm with Dawn — New Session Begins January 7th!

Intermediate ATS®/Tribal Belly Dance class is a progression of the technique learned in Fundamentals of Tribal Belly Dance. Students will work on more complex and advanced Tribal combinations, improvisation techniques, generating original combos for improvisation, and achieving mastery of zil playing.  Basic fades, more complex tribal formations (e.g. duets and double duets), and additional leader transition techniques will be covered. Special topics such as dancing with props or learning tribal choreographies may be introduced in order to further enhance the Intermediate Level student’s skills and knowledge base.

Is this the right class for me?

Intermediate ATS®/Tribal Belly Dance is recommended for students who have taken at least four sessions of Fundamentals of Tribal Belly Dance or [insert other prerequisites]

If you’re you’ve never taken a class at World In Motion, we recommend taking our interactive quiz[insert link] to help determine what class is right for you.

What are the dates for the upcoming/current class session?

[insert dates here]

What are the fees for the upcoming/current class session?

Normal preregistration price (valid until January 7): $[insert]/6-week session

Regular price (valid after January 7): $[insert]/6-week session

Drop in price: $18/class

Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures[insert link] prior to enrolling in class.

Interested in moving up to Advanced Level ATS®/Tribal Belly Dance?

Before a student can move up to the next level of tribal classes (Advanced Level  ATS®/Tribal Belly Dance), she/he must be able to properly execute and fully understand intermediate level moves and concepts as found here. If you have questions about Advanced Level  ATS®/Tribal Belly Dance or your progress in Intermediate Level ATS®/Tribal Belly Dance, please contact Dawn at

Interested in being a part of Sunanda Tribe, WIM’s Tribal Improvisation Performance Troupe?

Sunanda Tribe is a fantastic troupe that allows students who have worked hard and want to perform a chance to do just that!  It requires work and commitment but pays off in fun and dramatic improvement in your dance!

To see the moves, concepts, and other factors you must be proficient in to be considered for the troupe visit our Sunanda Tribe page.

Mastery of the techniques and concepts from level 1 is the main criterion for admission to the troupe, and is under the discretion of the troupe leader. Joining the Intermediate Tribal class is not a guarantee of admission to Sunanda Tribe.