Fundamentals of Tribal Belly Dance

Mondays 7-8:15pm with Sashi — New session begins on January 7th!


Fundamentals of Tribal Belly Dance classes are presented in the exciting Tribal Improvisational Style (lead/follow  group improvisation) format. Fundamentals of belly dance technique are emphasized, with specific attention to tribal dance posture and stance, arm positioning, safe ways to warm up and cool down, tips for performing, how to play finger cymbals (zils), and most of all, how to have fun and enjoy yourself while learning this beautiful art form. If you love to dance, you will love this class!

Is this the right class for me?

Fundamentals of Tribal Belly Dance is recommended for students who are new to tribal belly dance/group improvisation or who would like to brush up on the basic vocabulary of this style of dance. While this is not a strictly ATS® class, fundamental ATS® vocabulary and structure is an integral part of the format.

If you’re brand new to belly dance and aren’t sure what any of these terms (ATS®, Tribal, etc.) mean, we recommend taking our interactive quiz[insert link] to help decide what class is right for you.

What are the dates for the upcoming/current class session?

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What are the fees for the upcoming/current class session?

Normal preregistration price (valid until January 7): $[insert]/6-week session

Regular price (valid after January 7): $[insert]/6-week session

Drop in price: $18/class

Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures[insert link] prior to enrolling in class.

Interested in moving up to Intermediate ATS®/Tribal Belly Dance classes? Before a student can move up to the next level of tribal classes (Intermediate Level  ATS®/Tribal Belly Dance), she/he must be able to properly execute and fully understand fundamental moves and concepts as found here.  A minimum of 4 sessions of Fundamentals of Tribal Belly Dance AND approval by the instructor is required prior to enrolling in the next level of classes. If you have questions about Intermediate Level ATS®/Tribal Belly Dance or your progress in Tribal Fundamentals, please talk with Sashi or Dawn or contact World In Motion.