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Intro to ATS® with Jennie

American Tribal Style® is an improvisational style of dance in a lead-and-follow format using a set of movements rooted in belly dance, flamenco, and classical Indian dances.  ATS® is low impact, yet improves strength, cardiovascular stamina, and coordination. ATS® shines through connection and communication; bringing people together from around the world with only the dance in common.  

This 2-hour workshop introduces the dance posture and safety, finger cymbal use, formations, basic fast and slow moves. Participants should wear comfortable workout clothes, dance shoes are optional. There will be hip scarves and finger cymbals available for use during the event. 

Participants will enjoy connecting with each other while experiencing the foundational movements of this global phenomenon.  No dance experience necessary! 

Starting July 13, Jennie will be teaching a weekly ATS® Level 1 class. Register for the class at this workshop and get 20% off your session fee!!

Min/Max: 5-20 participants

Pricing:  $28 by June 2, after $35