Belly Dance Academy

1-3 pm with Emily—Spring Quarter starts on April 27!

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Explore all that the wonderful world of belly dance has to offer with WIM’s Belly Dance Academy!

Upcoming Dates and Topics:

April 27th— Elegant Arms and Hands

May 25th— Unlocking Undulations

June 29th— Fabulous Footwork

Belly Dance Academy is a monthly class where students of all levels and styles can explore a variety of topics and refine the technique and skills they’ve learned in WIM classes. Each class focuses on an essential belly dance skill set, with Emily guiding students through dedicated drills and individualized technique refinements. Emily’s whimsical and encouraging style of instruction will have you laughing while you take your dancing to the next level.

Who is Belly Dance Academy suitable for?

  • Advanced beginner students looking to move up to an intermediate level class.

  • Students interested in joining a WIM student performance troupe.*

  • Intermediate and Advanced dancers looking to refine and polish their technique.

What are the fees for Belly Dance Academy?

Summer Quarter (April, May, June) Preregistration price (valid until April 20): $60

Summer Quarter (April, May, June) Regular price (valid after April 20): $75

Elegant Arms and Hands (April 27th) Preregistration price (valid until April 20): $25

Elegant Arms and Hands (April 27th) Regular price (valid after April 20): $30

Unlocking Undulations (May 25th) Preregistration price (valid until May 18): $25

Unlocking Undulations (May 25th) Regular price (valid after May 18): $30

Fabulous Footwork (June 29th) Preregistration price (valid until June 22): $25

Fabulous Footwork (June 29th) Regular price (valid after June 22): $30

Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable. Please familiarize yourself with our policies and procedures prior to enrolling in class.