Student Spotlight: Sarah

Welcome to our student spotlight, where we interview one of our amazing students to find out more about their dance journey and experiences at World In Motion. This month, we spoke to Sarah—a dedicated student of multiple belly dance styles.

Photo by sosinceremedia

Photo by sosinceremedia

How long have you been belly dancing?
Almost 2 years.

Why did you decide to start taking belly dance classes?
I honestly have no idea. I’ve always loved dancing and signed up on a whim.

What classes have you taken at WIM?
What classes haven’t I taken at WIM would probably be a more appropriate question! I’m at the studio multiple times each week. Tribal is my first love though.

What do you enjoy most about belly dancing?

It helps me stay mindful.

What are your hobbies/interests outside of belly dance?
Taking my handsome pup, Brutus, on hikes and to socialize at the dog park. Traveling. Going to concerts. Reading. Various attempts at arts and crafts. Animal Rights. Disability Rights.

Who is your favorite belly dancer?
I love Rachel Brice and Zoe Jakes of course, but I also really dig Cassandra Fox.

Do you have any favorite props or belly dance movements?
I love playing Zils! LOVE IT!!

What’s your favorite part of taking classes at WIM?
The community - everyone is so supportive and welcoming to all who want to learn.

Do you have any advice for prospective belly dance students?
Don’t give up!

Emily Beaman