Student Spotlight: Christine


World In Motion is home to an amazing assortment of dedicated students and instructors. Our Student Spotlight series showcases one WIM student who helps make our community so special. For this month’s spotlight, we talked to Christine.

How long have you been belly dancing?

About two years.

Why did you decide to start taking belly dance classes?

My daughter’s physical therapist recommended belly dance for her back. We signed up for a parent-child workshop and we’ve been dancing together ever since!

What classes have you taken at WIM?

Explorations in Belly Dance is our go-to class, but we’ve also tried Beginner Cabaret Belly Dance, ATS, and Expressions in Fusion Belly Dance.

What do you enjoy most about belly dancing?

It’s a really fun way to exercise and relax. There are always ways to challenge myself, but there are also modifications to accommodate my physical limitations where needed (and it tends to be naturally low-impact).

What are your hobbies/interests outside of belly dance?

Every year I participate in the Popsugar reading challenge, and I’m part of Learned League, an online trivia competition. I also Jazzercise, and I’ve found the increased strength and flexibility from belly dance has been really helpful for that.

Who is your favorite belly dancer?

I can never choose a single “favorite” in any aspect of life, but I’ll always be especially grateful to Lisa for providing a fantastic, welcoming introduction to belly dance!

Do you have any favorite props or belly dance movements?

I always like working on something new or challenging. Right now, I’m trying to improve my undulations.

What’s your favorite part of taking classes at WIM?

The culture is authentically accepting and open. Students come in all ages, shapes, sizes, and ability levels, and I’ve never sensed the tiniest bit of judgment or exclusion from any teachers or students.

Do you have any advice for prospective belly dance students?

Come try a class! Don’t feel shy - the atmosphere really is completely casual and welcoming. And you can try a single class or a workshop without committing to a full session.

Thanks again to Christine for being such a wonderful and bright part of World In Motion!

Emily Beaman