5 Reasons Why Trying Belly Dance Is Better Than Joining a Gym

It’s the new year and with that comes the push that many of us feel to get moving! Here are five reasons why we think you should try out a belly dance class at World In Motion instead of joining a gym.


1) Immediate Success! Attend a six week class session and you have met a goal! Plus, it’s great exercise that challenges you to use muscles you didn’t know you had.

2) You’ll meet new people, and even make new friends. Did you know one of the top reasons people try a new hobby is to make new friends? Our instructors will warmly welcome you to class and have everyone introduce themselves. The studio will even have another returning student there to greet you at your first class. You definitely won’t get that at a gym!

3- Try something new and unique. Belly dance is the great equalizer! It doesn’t matter how much dance experience you have had or NOT had! No one starts being able to move their bodies like that! Our teachers will break everything down and before you know it you will be doing hip shimmies like you have always known how! Just imagine how impressed your friends will be... and then talk them into coming with you!


4- You can start belly dance classes at any age, size and fitness level. Seriously, one of our instructors started dancing at 40! We have had students who are 3 and who are 83!! Think you can’t see yourself as a belly dancer? Just go to our website and look at the pics of our students and teachers. Our dance classes are for everyone!

5- World in Motion Dance is a women-owned local small business. By signing up for a class at World In Motion, you’re shopping locally and supporting female entrepreneurs!

Ready to start dancing? Come join the World In Motion family!

Emily Beaman