Student Spotlight: Harleen


Our students are what make World In Motion such a magical place! For our new monthly series, we’re spotlighting one WIM student who helps make our community so special. This month we talked to Harleen, a long-time student at World in Motion and all-around awesome person!

How long have you been belly dancing?

I’ve been belly dancing since 2010. I started with online classes in 2010, and I have been studying under WIM studio teachers since 2013. 

Why did you decide to start taking belly dance classes?

I started belly dancing because I wanted to challenge myself and learn to combine shimmies and percussive movements with more fluid transitions. I have always loved to dance, and I feel I can express myself freely with belly dance. 

What classes have you taken at WIM?

I took Intermediate and Advanced Belly Dance Technique with Sara Beaman for over 2 years. I have also occasionally taken Experiments with Belly Dance, Geek 101 Belly Dance and Tribaret Belly Dance under the guidance of Emily. I started learning American Tribal Style Belly Dance (ATS) through Patti’s Fundamentals of Tribal Belly Dance class in the beginning of 2016, and in 2017, I started taking the Intermediate ATS/Tribal Belly Dance class with Dawn. I also love participating in workshops, mini-choreography sessions and other belly dance events that are organized by the WIM studio. 

What do you enjoy most about belly dancing?

While belly dancing, I can innovate and improve my technique with each step that I take, and one that mesmerizes me the most. The diverse nature of this art helps me belly dance to the tunes of any song that I listen to, at any time of the day. I also love belly dancing because it lets me be a part of the exceptionally sweet, honest, caring and considerate community of teachers and students at WIM studio. 

What are your hobbies/interests outside of belly dance? 

Outside of belly dance, I love spending time with my family and our two dogs. I love my family for all the support and encouragement to pursue dance at all levels. I am currently enrolled in NCSU as a PhD. student in Civil Engineering. I am also taking Odissi Indian Classical Dance classes under Mrs. Madhumita Misra in Morrisville since 2016. 

Who is your favorite belly dancer?

I look up to all my teachers at WIM studio, and all teachers that I have studied under during workshops. My favorite belly dancers are – Emily Beaman and Sara Beaman, and I consider myself very lucky to have been their student since so many years. 

Do you have any favorite props or belly dance movements?

My favorite belly dance prop is the sword, and I love movements that require balancing of the sword. I am still a new student in this area, and I am always looking to learn and practice more. I also love back bends, floor work, soft torso movements, and slow arm movements. 

What’s your favorite part of taking classes at WIM?

I always look forward to classes at WIM studio. It helps me relax after a hectic day at school and realize my passion of becoming a belly dancer. All the teachers and students at WIM are extremely supportive and they assist me promptly if I need any help with classes/dance, or even outside dance. If I want to concentrate on some specific topics as a part of an upcoming session, my ideas are always welcome by the teachers at the studio. In addition to the regular classes, many workshops are also organized at the studio and regular performance opportunities are also presented to all students alike. 

Do you have any advice for prospective belly dance students?

Yes! You should definitely take a class at WIM to connect with your peaceful self and let go of all the stress of the week!! If you are looking to learn belly dancing, to increase your self-confidence for wonderful performances, to be a part of a super supportive and caring community, and to have the best teachers in a variety of belly dance styles, World in Motion is the best place for you to grow and learn and participate.

Thanks again to Harleen for being such a wonderful supporter of WIM! We’re so fortunate to get to dance with her and all of our other students.

Emily Beaman