Student Spotlight: Diana


Our students are what make World In Motion such a magical place! Our Student Spotlight series showcases one WIM student who helps make our community so special. This month we talked to Diana, a newer student at World in Motion!

How long have you been belly dancing?

I've been belly dancing for a little more than a year.

Why did you decide to start taking belly dance classes?

I was looking for a fun way to exercise in a body-positive environment. I'd always been curious about belly dance. I'd tried a few other dance classes before but none that felt quite right.

What classes have you taken at WIM?

Beginner Cabaret Belly Dance.

What do you enjoy most about belly dancing?

I love the unique music, the way belly dancing extenuates my curves and my supportive instructor. Classes are very small which makes it easier for me to learn. Any time something is painful, the instructor, Laylianah, can tell me how to adjust the movement for my particular body. She's great at explaining everything in multiple different ways and offering positive support when moves get frustrating. 

What are your hobbies/interests outside of belly dance? 

I am a science fiction writer.

Who is your favorite belly dancer?

I don't have one yet.

Do you have any favorite props or belly dance movements?

My favorite are earthier styles like Egyptian belly dance because they force the dancer to relax.

What’s your favorite part of taking classes at WIM?

The supportive, knowledgeable instructors and small class sizes. Everyone feels welcome - whatever their age, body type or experience level.

Do you have any advice for prospective belly dance students?

Be patient with yourself and don't do anything that hurts.

Thanks again to Diana for being such a wonderful member of our WIM community! We love dancing with her and all of our other students.

Emily Beaman