5 Last-Minute Gift Ideas for Belly Dancers!

Scrambling for a last minute gift idea perfect for a beloved belly dancer? Never fear! We’ve got you covered with a list of great last-minute gifts sure to delight the belly dancer in your life!



Swords are one of the most mesmerizing and iconic bellydance props. A scimitar crafted explicitly for balancing is a wonderful gift—we recommend the Balady scimitar from Kult of Athena. Chances are slim that a scimitar will ship quickly, but don’t despair! Get creative and order Swordplay for Bellydance, the fabulous instructional DVD by WIM’s own Sara Beaman. It should arrive quickly and you can gift it along with a note that lets your beloved belly dancer know that they might just be getting something to accompany it in the near future ;)


Give the gift of music! The belly dance community is home to a number of talented musicians who create what moves and inspires us as dancers! Show support to these artists by gifting some tracks perfect for belly dancing to. We have a soft spot in our hearts for local NC musician, Afrit Temple. His music is perfect for both practice and performance. You can purchase his music here or pick up one of his CDs at World In Motion!

li necklace.jpg


World in Motion is fortunately located in an area with many talented creators who sell beautiful handmade jewelry. Even if you’re not located near WIM, you can still easily find hand-crafted treasures that would be a great addition to any dancer’s costume collection on sites like Etsy. If you’re in the Raliegh-Durham area, we highly recommend the gorgeous jewelry of Dinalae Designs.



Dance wings are a delightfully fun and dynamic prop that any dancer would love to experiment with. Who wouldn’t want wings? You can snag some last minute on Amazon—just make sure to check that the pair you order comes with a set of sticks. If it doesn’t, make sure you order some or make your own out of thin dowel rods. Emily is pictured using these wings.


We’ve saved the easiest (and best gift) for last! Give the gift of dance and community with a World In Motion gift certificate! With our wide selection of classes and workshops to choose from, you can’t go wrong. Use our convenient online form to order gift certificates.