What the Flock? Workshop with Karen
Saturday, June 23 ~ 1:30 – 3:00 PM

31727671_10160441979445553_5904079696844292096_nWhat in the world is flocking??  And why would I want to do it??

Have you ever wondered how some dance groups seem to move as one?  Flocking!!

Come join the murmuration and learn to get your flock on!

Join Karen for a 90-minute workshop on What The Flock!  We’ll break down the art of flocking and get you moving in unison with your fellow dancers.  Learn the basics of how to lead a flock, how to be the flock and how to move with each other with the grace of birds!  Come learn how to move as one..I promise we’ll have a great flocking time!

Fees: $25 by June 16; $30 after

A minimum of 3 preregistered students is required to run this workshop. Maximum enrollment is 15.

To register for this workshop, visit  

(Please note: payment should be sent directly to Karen and not to World In Motion.)

Questions? Email Karen at


Making Waves- Undulations Galore!
Sunday, July 22 ~ 5:30 – 7:00 pm

Li for undulations workshopLet’s talk waves and undulations! Fluidly expressive and precisely segmentable, undulations are wonderful connections between parts of the body and directions of movement and layer well with many of your favorite movement tools.

This workshop will run through discussion, connection, activation, and conditioning of the muscles that support the undulations of the torso and abdomen as well as how to use this movement as a layer on other isolations or traveling moves and how to flow through undulations from one movement family to the next.

This workshop is designed and intended for students of any bellydance style with basic experience and knowledge of proper safe posture gleaned from at least one session of class.

Exercises will included seated and supine positions, so please bring cushions or a yoga mat as needed for your comfort.

A minimum of 3 students is required to run this workshop. Maximum enrollment is 15.

Fee: $20 by July 17; $25 after

To register for this workshop, visit our  Making Waves Workshop page.


Important Studio Information

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