DIY Tribal Bra Workshop
Sunday, May 27 ~ 1:00 – 2:30 pm

20180320_095847Tribal buttons got you in a twist?

Coins making you cross-eyed?

Be the boss of your bra-making experience!

Join Jennie of Luminescence Tribal for a 90-minute workshop on Do It Yourself Tribal bra construction suitable for ATS® and Tribal Fusion styles.  We’ll discuss materials, styling, basic sewing techniques, and go over several  step-by-step methods for costume bra construction. Bring your plots and plans and get ready to design the coin bra of your dreams!

Fees: $20 by May 23; $25 after

A minimum of 3 preregistered students is required to run this workshop. Maximum enrollment is 20.

To register for this workshop, visit our DIY Tribal Bra Workshop page.


Put Some Muscle Behind Your Dance! with Dawn Ruckert
Sunday, June 10 ~ 1:15 – 3:15 pm 


At a certain point in her own dance, Dawn decided she wanted to put more power behind each movement and take her dancing to a new level. This started her journey into what drives each movement and how she could utilize these muscles to their fullest extent.

This workshop is geared toward dancers (new and advanced) wanting to get in touch with their muscles and utilize them consistently in dance!

First, we will “find” the muscles we want to activate focusing on the upper body. Second, we will drill movements that will encourage us to utilize these muscles on a regular basis.

Watch as your dance transforms to a whole new level and you gain more power behind your movements!

For all levels and styles of dance.

Fee: $40 by June 3; $45 thereafter

Payment to:
Cash/Check- Dawn Ruckert 311 Saunders St. Apex, NC 27502
(Please note: payment should be sent directly to Dawn Ruckert and not to World In Motion.)

WIM will have an ATS® Jam immediately following the workshop starting at 3:30 pm!
Only $10 for an hour of ATS® with Dawn Ruckert!

Register for the Jam at


What the Flock? Workshop with Karen
Saturday, June 23 ~ 1:30 – 3:00 PM

31727671_10160441979445553_5904079696844292096_nWhat in the world is flocking??  And why would I want to do it??

Have you ever wondered how some dance groups seem to move as one?  Flocking!!

Come join the murmuration and learn to get your flock on!

Join Karen for a 90-minute workshop on What The Flock!  We’ll break down the art of flocking and get you moving in unison with your fellow dancers.  Learn the basics of how to lead a flock, how to be the flock and how to move with each other with the grace of birds!  Come learn how to move as one..I promise we’ll have a great flocking time!

Fees: $25 by June 16; $30 after

A minimum of 3 preregistered students is required to run this workshop. Maximum enrollment is 15.

To register for this workshop, visit  

(Please note: payment should be sent directly to Karen and not to World In Motion.)

Questions? Email Karen at


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