World In Motion Code of Ethics and Conduct

Why have we developed a code of ethics and conduct? World in Motion Dance Studio holds ethics and good behavior in the highest regard, and we expect and encourage our students to do the same in and out of class. A code of conduct builds a strong relationship within our class and dance community, allows both the student and the instructor(s) to have clear expectations of the class and performances, and promotes a positive image to the world at large – all while having fun and learning a beautiful art form!

RESPECT: Treat everyone with respect and dignity. Be aware of how your words or actions can affect others, and think before you speak or act. Don’t talk over your teacher or “side teach”, and never spread gossip or rumors about other students and/or performers
POSITIVITY: Be friendly; use only positive and constructive comments/body language, and support co-dancers as they learn and perfect this dance
PUNCTUALITY: Come to class on time and ready to dance. If late for class, enter quietly and quickly as possible and make sure to be properly warmed-up before joining class
INTEGRITY: Express concerns quickly, respectfully, and constructively. Take corrections with grace and humility; don’t take up class time with personal issues
SELF-CARE: Ask questions and request additional breakdown of movements when needed; take care of your body, pay attention, let the instructor know if something hurts, stay hydrated, and take breaks when needed
TRUST: Trust that the instructor has your best interests at heart, and will make decisions about moving up in class levels in a thoughtful and wise manner. Act in good faith toward fellow students and trust that they will do the same
SUPPORT: At performances, be courteous, positive and supportive. Pay attention to all dancers, smile, clap along to the music, zaghareet when appropriate. Stay for the entire performance whenever possible, and be discreet when leaving early. Absolutely no texting/using a phone while someone else is performing
JOY: Have fun while pursuing this beautiful art form!