Lisa Allred has a background in ballet and modern dance and has been bellydancing since 2005. She has studied Spanish-Arab Fusion, Cabaret, and American Tribal Style (R) bellydance. Lisa performs around the country with two professional troupes: Dayanimsa and Third Eye Tribal. She also teaches for the online Belly Dance Business Academy. Lisa is a licensed therapist with years of experience working with children, adults and families.


Lisa understands that many people decide to take a bellydance class as a fun way to exercise and meet new people.  With this in mind, she prioritizes getting a good workout (via learning dance technique and drilling) with finding ways to build community (for example, having students introduce themselves at the beginning of each session).  In her classes, you can expect to dance hard and laugh harder!


Lisa teaches periodic workshops including ones for kids and teens, Parent/Child Belly Dance, ATS® special topics, and Stage Presence as well as other exciting themes.



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