25474168_10105786326127911_2060147942_oLi has been bellydancing since 2005 and has studied a variety of dialects and facets of this dance form from Raqs Sharqi to Tribal Fusion to American Tribal Style® and she loves them all! She brings her passion for community, communication, expression, and research to the studio to offer a clear, challenging, and vibrant session to beginning and advanced dancers alike.

She teaches ATS® Flow on the first Sunday of each month – a class designed to move dancers through the ATS® vocabulary seamlessly and to transition the mind into a state of fluency and flow.

Outside of class, Li spends time practicing, studying, and performing with two professional troupes – Dayanisma (an ATS® troupe under the direction of Dawn Ruckert), and The League of Extraordinary Bellydancers (a geek-themed fusion and theatrical bellydance troupe under the direction of Emily Beaman).