31727671_10160441979445553_5904079696844292096_nKaren has been a student of belly dance since 1995 when she attended her first dance class completely against her will.  However, she was hooked after that class and has been dancing ever since!  She is thrilled to be a member of Dayanisma and to have the opportunity to dance with these amazing and talented women.

Karen was first exposed to American Tribal Style® dance when a troupe mate found a video cassette of Tribal Basics: Volume 1 many moons ago and was immediately drawn to the beauty and style of ATS® .  As there were no teachers in her area at that time, Karen gathered all of the videos she could find and learned as best she could.  She ultimately discovered Dawn Ruckert of Dayanisma and has been studying with her for the past eight years.

Over the last 22 years, Karen has studied Modern Egyptian, Turkish Folkloric and Spanish Fusion belly dance but her passion lies with American Tribal Style® .  She was a member of Sunanda Tribe under the direction of Dawn Ruckert prior to joining Dayanisma.

Karen lives in Mebane with her wonderfully supportive partner George.  She has four wonderful children and three exceedingly exceptional grandchildren. 

Karen teaches periodic workshops and substitutes for ATS® classes when needed.