aparnaAparna has been practicing yoga for the past 6 years, but it was 2 years ago that yoga truly started having a profound effect on her life off the mat. She found herself to be happier, calmer, stronger, and kinder. As both a yoga teacher and engineer, Aparna’s goal is to give others the same peace of mind she has received from her past and present yoga teachers, helping yoga extend beyond the hour you spend with her on the mat. After completing her 200-RYT training program in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga under Susan Jackson of Innerlight Yoga School, Aparna is thrilled to share with you her experience, energy and positive vibes!

“The ultimate goal of yoga is union with our own true nature. We might not all get there,  but whether you dip your toes at the edge of a deep lake, or dive right into the middle of it – you still get wet. Any time spent (no matter how much) working to improve our mind, breath, and body is time working towards understanding who we are”.

Aparna teaches Hatha Yoga (all levels) on Sundays.

Check out Aparna’s yoga blog at www.peaceoffthemat.wordpress.com.

For more information and to register for her classes, contact Aparna directly at  Aparna.yogalove@gmail.com .


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